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Let Us Make the Connections that will Advance Your Company or Career


Let Us Make the Connections that will Advance Your Company or Career


Let Us Make the Connections that will Advance Your Company or Career

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Get to Know Nexpro Personnel Services, Inc., Your Staffing Firm for the Twin Cities area

Nexpro Personnel Services, Inc. is a Minneapolis based staffing firm with a personal attention approach to helping employers find highly skilled temporary and permanent clerical and administrative as well as light industrial employees. Nexpro places a variety of administrative and clerical workers, including administrative and executive assistants, word processors, receptionists, data entry specialists, customer service representatives, accounting representatives, payroll workers, file clerks, warehouse employees, mechanical assembly workers, electrical assembly workers, and medical assembly workers.

Nexpro’s mission is to provide exceptional service and to delight both employers and employees by working in win-win ways. The company is based on values, which include superior customer service, teamwork, integrity, quality, and attention to detail, as well as innovation, community and having fun!

Nexpro’s owner, Julia Spencer, was nominated for Small Business Person of the Year Award. Julia exemplifies what it means to be a true entrepreneur. She became an expert in her field by working for big corporations for 15 years. She developed her business with a “personal attention” approach to matching people with business. She has enhanced the temporary and permanent personnel services offered by Nexpro with personalized touches that make clients and employees feel special.

Nexpro opened its doors in March of 2001, during a period considered the middle of a national economic slowdown. While other start-ups failed, Nexpro broke through to profitability in 2002 and has seen continuous growth through the years.

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